Nobody Walks in L.A.: Parking In the City of Los Angeles

If you've driven a car, you've parked a car. And if you've parked a car, chances are that at some point, you've been ticketed by a Los Angeles Parking Enforcement Officer for illegally parking. Here's a few parking tips that should help you find a good spot and avoid a getting a ticket.

Colorful Curbs: Commercial Loading Zones (designated by a yellow curb) are only enforced from 7:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Saturday. Short-Time Parking Zones (designated by a green curb) are only enforced from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday through Saturday. You can legally park in either zone without limitation during non-enforcement times. No Stopping Zones (designated by a red curb) and Passenger Loading Zones (designated by a white curb) are enforced at all times.

Parking Meters: You can park at a spot with a broken meter, but you may still receive a ticket. If you do, you can contest the ticket online at Also, even though you can park at a broken meter, you remain subject to the posted time limit.

If you own a Zero Emission Vehicle or Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle and you have purchased a decal from the DMV, you can park free at any metered parking spaces. Again, however, you remain subject to the posted maximum time limit.

"Refeeding" the meter is not allowed if the owner is doing so to extend the time beyond the maximum possible for that space. You must move your car upon reaching the posted time limit. Also, you cannot simply move your car over a space or two to avoid this rule you must first drive your car a minimum of one mile.

Keep in mind, these rules are for the City of Los Angeles only. Also, different rules exist for the LAX and Van Nuys Airport zones.