Lost Your Cell Phone? Call Your Provider Immediately!

If you're like us, you misplace your cell phone all the time. If you're lucky, you find it rather quickly. If you're unlucky, you're not going to find it at all because it's been stolen.

As if being the victim of a crime isn't bad enough, imagine then being told that you have to pay for all the calls including international ones that the criminal made! Unfortunately, that's what most of us have agreed to do.

Many of you probably think that unauthorized cell phone charges are similar to unauthorized credit card charges in that your liability is limited by law. However, it is not. Cell phone providers, unlike credit card issuers, are not required to limit your liability for the unauthorized use of your phone and in all likelihood, your service contract states that if your phone is stolen you remain responsible for all charges until you notify the provider.

So, if you can't find your phone and you have any reason whatsoever to believe it may have been stolen, you should immediately advise your provider. They will inactivate your account until further notified. If you do find your phone, it will be easy to reactivate. If you don't, you may have saved yourself hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars.