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When it comes to estate planning, there are many misconceptions out there. For a number of individuals, the belief is that in order to form an estate plan, you must be rich, elderly, or have a large number of assets. This is not true. At Ajalat & Ajalat, LLP, our Los Angeles estate planning attorneys encourage everyone to look into estate planning for a number of reasons. It doesn’t matter how many assets you have; ensuring that your loved ones are protected after you pass is very important.

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How Our Los Angeles Estate Planning Lawyers Can Help You

Estate planning can be complex for some, but for others it is a bit more daunting because nobody wants to think of the possibility of their death. Our team will work with you in order to help you understand the many benefits of estate planning so you are not concerned. Having a legally binding estate plan just means you are being proactive regarding your future and your family.

Estate planning will often address the following:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Beneficiaries
  • Powers of attorney
  • Healthcare powers of attorney
  • Guardianship of minors
  • Distribution of assets
  • Probate

Our firm can also help you understand the various tax implications regarding estate planning and advise you on the strongest course of action to take to help avoid problems. We take our job as your counsel very serious, and you can trust that we will keep your goals in mind as we build an estate plan based on your personal wishes and objectives.

How do I begin?

Whether you are planning for incapacity or you want to make sure your children are cared for in the future, we can detail every one of your wishes. Wills and trusts are designed to protect your assets, your property, and your family now and in the future. Don’t hesitate to formulate a plan that puts everyone in the best position now and moving forward into the future.

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